Test Insights

You can access the Test Insights on the top of the screen, if they are available in you have test.
You can earn an “up to” amount with Test Insight, meaning you will be paid by work done, not a fixed amount for every Test Insight, which, as we think, is fairer.

Now you should see a screen as shown in the picture below. Here you can rate the app (5 stars is the most positive and 1 star the most negative rating) and pick the app sections you tested.

After choosing the app section, you can give feedback about the selected section(s) when you’re done, you can submit your Test Insight in the lower left corner.

When you fill out the “similar website” question, please provide the exact URL, just naming a brand isn’t enough. We except quality work, also with test insights.


And what kind of feedback should I give?

In general the Test Insights are your chance to let the customer know what you think about the product.
You can write what’s good or what’s bad, or what you would improve and how.
It is really up to you, we are don’t look for anything specific, but for useful feedback.

Important: if you don’t want to give additional feedback, you have to at least give your reasons for your rating of the app section (in the other feedback field).


After submission:

Until the Test Insight was reviewed by a team leader, you can still edit it.

After it’s review you can see the test insights status in the test.


What about the “up to” Payout?

The payout is based on the feedback you give. If you tested all app sections in a test and can give useful feedback to all of them, you can earn the maximum, the “up to” amount.



And it’s that simple! I think it took more time to read this post then it will take to do the Test Insights.

Go for the extra 15 ranking points and the additional payout!

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