The biggest part of testing are the test cycles – test cycles are mini-projects with a defined area (scope) and a short briefing. The first invitation is likely to arrive in just a few hours after your registration.

When your profile and device(s) match a new test cycle criteria, you get an invitation by email. You can also find all your pending invitations on your dashboard, listed under “Interesting tests for you”.

If you accept or reject an invitation is up to you. You can join as many test cycles as you want at once.

If you don’t like to participate you can reject the invitation if you want. Rejecting and accepting Invitation will give you ranking points, read more about the ranking here.

As soon as an accepted test cycle starts you can access the test and submit bugs you found.

After joining a test, you can see the test interface on your dashboard.


On every test cycle there is a team leader who can help you if needed, but there main focus is to check the bugs submitted.

The team leader will ask for further information if needed and accepts or rejects your bugs. Bugs accepted by the team leader will be handed over to the customer. Customers can also check the bugs and might reject them. But normally just one out of five bugs is rejected