The payout can be requested monthly here and will be credited to your given account.

The payout for a month should be calculated at the 10th of the following month and can be requested afterwards. Normally you should receive your payout between the 20th and 25th of the month.

After the payout is calculated you receive the details as pdf document, please check it carefully and report any issues you might have before the 20th.

Currently you can choose one of the following payment methods

  • Bank Account
  • PayPal (doesn’t work in the Ukraine)
  • Payoneer (bank accounts only)


As an European citizen you will need a VAT ID to request the payment, the VAT ID can be entered at your tester account payment details.


My bill is marked as paid, but I didn’t receive my money:

Yes, this is quite confusing, but as soon as we start the payout process the system marks the bill as paid. The status paid does not mean that the money is transferred, it means the payout process has started and will be transferred soon.

If you didn’t get your money by the end of the month, please contact us via Chat.


The Payout Data window looks like this.