Usability Reports

Usability Reports are only available if the customer wants your feedback on the usability of product.

The feedback is not about the design and color choices, it is only about usability.

Improvements of existing features, but no feature requests.

What would make the product easier to use.


Positive Examples:

  • Key Functions are not visible for the user and should be displayed more prominent.
  • Improvement of existing functions and features that will help many users.
  • Usual behavior of existing functions is not implemented:
    “tap on a phone number while using a smartphone to directly call the number is not implemented” –> Usability! 🙂
  • Try to think about cost / usage – is it worth it to implement your usability suggestion for the majority of users for this website / app?

Negative Examples (if not instructed otherwise):

  • New Feature Requests:
    usually, “this needs to be added”
  • Everything with design and color is NOT usability relevant.