The quality of a bug report will be determined by its written documentation and attachments (screenshots and screencasts).

The bug submission form should look like this:



All informations should be entered as detailed but compact as possible.


Bug Title:

The bug title should be – straight and precise!

It should contain: Element / Origin / Function – of the bug.


Wrong: No search results

Correct: Search results not displayed when entering a valid search on the homepage.


Steps to reproduce:

Bugs have to be reproducible and they need a detailed step by step guide how they can be reproduced.

The first step always contains the first site (and URL in case of a web product) you see on the current product.



  • Go to www.theproductswebsite.com. Open the app.
  • Locate the search function in upper right corner
  • Enter any search subject, for example “San Francisco”.
  • Click on search now or hit the enter button


Expected Result:

The expected result of the steps you just described, are to be entered here.

As always details are the key


Wrong: Town name search function works

Correct: After entering the town name “San Francisco” I’ve expected, that the according results will be displayed. If there are no hotels in the town “San Francisco”, there should be displayed a message, e.g.:” There are no hotels available in your town”


Actual Result:

What actually happens after you follow  the steps to reproduce, as detailed as possible.

This is really important information, because it describes the actual bug.


Wrong: Town name search function don’t work

Correct: After you click on “Search now”, there is no action or expected behavior. There is no new browser page with search results and the user doesn’t get any message or notification about that. The button “Search now” is without any functionality.




There must be at least one screenshot attached to every bug reported. Many more complex bugs  require a screencast video, in mp4 format, to visualize it.

  • The screenshot should always show the URL if the tested product is a website.
  • The screenshot should always visualize the error in a way that it can be easily found.
  • The bug should be marked to be found right away.
  • Screencast must be in mp4 format and should only show relevant information.
  • Attachments are not to be copied from other bugs and must be created when you create the bug.


In the “Tools” section you can find our recommended tools for attachments.


Screenshot example:

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